Rietica has been developed to aid in the creation and updating of the Rietveld input files, as well as to control the Rietveld program LHPM. It is a Windows (7, 8, 10) x64 based program allowing point and click control of LHPM. Apart from the complete functionality of the LHPM program, its features include:

  1. pattern plotting, monitoring of parameter changes and refinement indicators (chi-square, Rp, Rwp) at each refinement cycle. This allows instant indication of problems in the refinement process;
  2. point and click data entry and program control via dialogs, for novice and advanced users;
  3. a manual input file editing option for the advanced user that replicates the old non-visual data entry, except that here it includes the benefits of visual plotting and monitoring of parameters;
  4. a macro language (similar to the Basic language) for complex batch processing and programming. An example of which is the ability to integrate other programs such as Ortep-3 seamlessly into Rietica;
  5. integrated Fourier plotting (no settings, no fuss);
  6. easy background and excluded region input via mouse control;
  7. viewing of the output files (main output file, bond distances and angles, bond valences and summary)
  8. a simple database for storage and retrieval of both instrumental parameters and structural data.
  9. ability to read GSAS experimental files, Fullprof input files and DWBS input files, although not all information is transferable.